Services Offered

Center for Sustainable Global Sourcing offers research and consulting services in the following areas:

  • Outsourcing work content suitability assessment
  • Organizational readiness assessment
  • Country and region selection
  • RFP Management and Vendor selection
  • Contract agreement and SLAs
  • Work translation planning
  • Risk assessment and mitigation planning
  • Regulation compliance
  • Impact of worker morale and productivity
  • Impact on long term competitiveness

We provide these services for following types of outsourcing and offshoring domains:

  • IT Outsourcing (App Dev., Infrastructure, etc.)
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  • HR Outsourcing
  • F&A and administrative Process Outsourcing
  • Call Center, Email & Chat Support
  • Global Product Development and Engineering
  • Software Development & Testing
  • Market Analytics
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • Manufacturing Outsourcing
  • Misc. Back Office Processing