White Papers

Sustainability and Quality: The creation and operation of multistakeholder networks in ethical supply chains

Changing Tides in Global Purchasing: Focus on Cost-efficiency and Sustainability

Global Sourcing Forum Report - Industry Leaders Meet to Share Perspectives

Global Sourcing: Shifting Strategies - A Survey of Retail and Consumer Companies

Physical Risks to the Supply Chain - The View from Finance

Sustainable Sourcing: A New Approach to High Performance in Supply Chain Management

Sustainability and improvement: a problem "of" education and "for" education

Sustainability and infrastructure planning in South Africa: a Cape Town case study

Sustainability of the Impact of a Public Health Intervention: Lessons Learned From the Laval Walking Clubs Experience

Sustainability and evidence of success: An 18-month follow-up study of the Doorstep Walks initiative

Sustainability in an action research project: 5 years of a Dignity and Respect action group in a hospital setting

Identity, Quality of Life, and Sustainability in an Urban Suburb of Barcelona: Adjustment to the City - Identity - Sustainability Network Structural Model

Sustainability analysis of window frames

Sustainability of Private Voluntary Health Organisations in India: Some Methodological Issues

Sustainability Indicators for Swiss Dairy Farms and the General Implications for Business/Government Interdependencies

The Environment and Carbon Dependence: Landscapes of Sustainability and Materiality

Conceptualizing a "Sustainability Business Model"

Addressing Sustainability and Consumption

Educating for Sustainability: Developing Critical Skills

Information Technology in Hotel Management: A Framework for Evaluating the Sustainability of IT-Dependent Competitive Advantage

Carbon Footprints, Life Cycle Analysis, Food Miles: Global Trade Trends and Market Issues

India's Business Prospects in the Global Emissions Market

Producing, providing, trading: manufacturing industry and sustainable cities

Wal-Mart's Environmental Strategy

Portland's Green Building Cluster: Economic Trends and Impacts

Transformative and Restorative Learning: A Vital Dialectic for Sustainable Societies

Green Consumption: Life-politics, risk and contradictions

Environmental Politics: Sustainability and the Politics of Transformation

Sustaining Action and Optimizing Entropy: Coupling Efficiency for Energy and the Sustainability of Global Ecosystems

Spinning our Way to Sustainability?